Your Project Consultants are:

Coach Jim 609-881-2277

Jeff Wertz 609-758-8912

Assistant: Lynn Boniface

What we will cover:

  • Current Roof Condition

  • Measurement Report

  • How we install Roofing Components

  • Guarantees and Warranties

  • 0% Financing and other options

32 years Local Company

12 Crews that do an average of 40 Roofing jobs a month

NJ Contractor Licenses: #13VH11963000 and 13VH12371100

Insurance: General and Umbrella $2,000,000 coverage Naic #’s 38920, 41297

Workers Comp: Scottsdale Insurance Company #10356

 Policy# EIG4929399-00

Important Informational Links

Dr Silverberg

JP Morgan Executive

Christian Health Center Admin

Estimate and Financing Options

Scheduling of Material order and Dumpster for one day prior to job starting

Number of days for completion:  1 Day with 6 crew members

Pre Job Set Up:

  1. Tear off one layer of old roofing, additional layer is .20 cents per sq ft
  2. Remove all old roofing into the dumpster
  3. If plywood needs to be ripped up and replaced, it will cost $65 per piece of plywood above quoted price depending on quantity This will be determined after we tear off old shingles and we will provide pictures to you, if needed it will be based on current thickness of existing plywood WE WILL INCLUDE 5 BOARDS FOR FREE

Installation Process:

The following Roofing Components will be installed

  1. New Ice Water Shield
  2. New Synthetic Underlayment on entire roof area
  3. New Starter Strip across all Eaves to prevent shingles from wind damage
  4. New Energy star, 130 mph wind resistant shingles on entire roof (Color needs to be selected by Homeowners)
  5. New Flashing and Drip edge if needed
  6. New Chimney Flashing with Ice Water Shield (we do not repair chimneys)
  7. New Hip and Ridge Shingles
  8. New Exhaust Pipe Boots
  9.  installation of Solar panels if this is chosen
  10. Post Job Clean up:
  1. Cleanup of entire property (see Property Protection Guarantee)
  2. use Magnetic Sweeper to collect all nails
  3. Removal of Dumpster will be done by the Dumpster company

Payment for services Rendered:

  • No money down required
  • Homeowner is to Pay at the end of the job if solar panels are not being installed

After completion of job and payment:

  • Material Warranty will be registered and emailed to you after payment has cleared
  • Lifetime Labor Guarantee included

Free items included in Estimate below:

  1. Free Dumpster ($600-$900 value)
  2. 5 Free Boards ($375 value)

After this job is completed, the Solar installation will begin

**This estimate is with No Money Down and on applying for Solar Panel financing

GenSun Reviews and Testimonials:

Project Manager is 

Tom Neidermeyer

Crews Chiefs all been with us for a minimum 15 years

Estimates for all of the above