Your Project Consultant is:

Coach Jim 973-310-6445

Siding Scope Of Work

The following is a description of what is included and/or excluded from this roof installation:


  1. Provia 4″ Dutch Lap
  2. Labor for complete tear off of old siding.
  3. Labor for complete installation of all Provia Siding, house wrap, starter strip
  4. Installation of new Fascia aluminum on garage front and right
  5. Installation of new aluminum around windows and doors on second floor
  6. Installation of new soffits 
  7. Installation of new outside and inside corners
  8. Applicable Manufactures warranty 
  9. All Labor Guarantees and Product Warranties 
  10. Dumpster fees
  11. Clean up of property (see Property Protection Guarantee above)


  1. 1st floor windows and doors 

Vinyl Siding being used on your home

Guarantees and Warranties

Total Estimate for all work and material listed above is $4,275

Job to be completed on: