Siding Scope Of Work

Project Dates:

Dumpster and Material delivery date:

Crew: TBA

Homeowner must choose color and style by:   (we enough time to place the order and have the supplier deliver)

Estimate Includes:

Set up and pre installation:

  1. Removal of old siding and wrap
  2. Removal of all old guttering system
  3. Scraping of wood 
  4. Removal of railing on front porch


  1. Install Insulation Boards
  2. Install House Wrap
  3. Install Starter Strip
  4. Vinyl siding listed below  and all siding material components necessary to complete the installation: Top of front porch and dormer will be 7″ Cedar impressions Pacific Blue.  Rest of home will be 4″ Vinyl Pacific blue wood grain
  5. Installation of new Aluminum on Fascia board on all areas
  6. Installation of new aluminum or trim around windows and doors
  7. Installation of furring strips and soffit/fascia board on underside of roof
  8. Installation of new outside corner trim
  9. Install new railing on front porch 

Warranties and Guarantees:

  1. Applicable Manufactures warranty 
  2. All Labor Guarantees and Product Warranties 

Estimate Excludes:

  1. Fascia board or window framing being repaired due to being rotted or unusable
  2. Any plywood to replace rotted plywood wood

Siding Removal


House Wrap

Window and Door Capping

Total Estimate for all work and material listed above is $33,995