Chimney Counter Flashing is not the same as Chimney Sealing with Flashing.

Chimney sealing is automatically done on all new roofs and included in your estimate.  It consist of installing ice water shield and step flashing around the perimeter of the chimney base (either brick or metal)

Counter Flashing is an add on service and optional to you.

It consists of installing Thick aluminum coil (you can choose the color) around the outside of the Chimney base.  It is used for added protection of the bricks and further protection against leaks.  Plus, it looks great!!

See samples below and contact your project consultant for current pricing based on your size chimney 

Counter Flashing

Chimney counter flashing is a type of metal construction material that is used around the edges of a chimney where it meets the roof line. The purpose of chimney counter flashing is to create a watertight seal between the chimney and the roofline, preventing water infiltration into your attic or living space below

Stucco Resurfacing

If your home exterior is stucco, you can add a stucco finish to your existing chimney. You start by building a wooden frame around the chimney and secure it to the roof. A base for the stucco is needed, and plywood or oriented strand board with the appropriate tarpaper and chicken wire works well. You then apply stucco. A colored dye should be added to the stucco so that it matches the exterior of the home.

Cultured Stone Veneers

The stacked display of cultured stone veneer has endeared this product to homeowners in search of an indoor fireplace redo, but the look is just as attractive on the outside of the home as Chimney resurface. 

A good-quality cultured stone veneer is ideally suited for letting an outdoor fixture blend in with the home’s overall dimensions. Since you can choose larger or narrower stones, you are in full control. Best of all, exterior cultured stone makes it possible to introduce different color palettes without the need to pain