8 Signs need a new roof pdf

15 yrs old or more

Cracked Shingles

Curled Shingles

Dark Streaks or Algae


Chipped and eaves compromised

Valley compromised

Moss on Roof

Other Reasons for new roof

  • Roof is not up to NJ CODE!  
  • You lack Drip Edge and Ice Water Sheild
  • Neighbors are getting a new roof
  • You want to beat the rising costs 
  • You want a new color

Dr Silverberg

JP Morgan Executive

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Here is a sample of the Estimate and Financing Options we can provide to you



Scheduling: Material/Supplies and Dumpster for one day prior to job starting

Dumpster or Dump Trailer positioning:

  • In Driveway

Number of days for completion:  1 Day with 6 crew members

Pre Job Set Up:

  1. Tear off one layer of old roofing, additional layer is .20 cents per sq ft
  2. Remove all old roofing components into the dumpster

Installation Process:

The following Roofing Components will be installed

  1. New Ice Water Shield
  2. New Synthetic Underlayment on entire roof area
  3. New Starter Strip across all Eaves to prevent shingles from wind damage and from blowing away
  4. New Energy star, 130 mph wind resistant shingles on entire roof (Color needs to be selected by Homeowners)
  5. New Flashing and Drip edge if needed
  6. One (1) New Chimney Flashing with Ice Water Shield (we do not repair chimney bricks or piping)
  7. One structure flashing on garage roof
  8. New Hip and Ridge Shingles
  9. New Ridge Vents across ridge of your home to help reduce hot air upstairs and help ventilate (optional, customer can elect not to have these)
  10. New Exhaust Pipe Boots (6)
  11. One (1) New Attic Vent Flashing
  12. Re Seal 2 Skylights with Ice Water shield, flashing

Post Job Clean up:

  1. Cleanup of entire property (see Property Protection Guarantee)
  2. use Magnetic Sweeper to collect all nails
  3. Removal of Dumpster will be done by the Dumpster company

Payment for services Rendered:

  • No money down required
  • Homeowner is to Pay at the end of the job if you are not utilizing the 0% No Monthly Payment program)

After completion of job and payment:

  • Material Warranty will be registered and emailed to you after payment has cleared
  • Lifetime Labor Guarantee 

Free items included in Estimate below:

  1. Free Dumpster ($600-$900 value)
  2. 3 Free Boards ($225 value), each additional board is $75 if needed
  3. Free Annual Roof Inspection
  4. Free Atlantic City Trip

**This estimate is with No Money Down and based on client paying via check 


Project Manager  

Tom Neidermeyer


Crews Chiefs all been with us for a minimum 15 years

We have 12 different Vans and Trucks to complete all jobs

Your Choice of Shingles


or Free Roof if we install Solar Panels

Payments as little as $79 per month

Optional Solar Panels for a Free Roof

  • Roof is for Free (all projects)
  • Solar Panels are installed
  • 30% Tax Credit from IRS (average has been $15,000)
  • NJ Solar Program approval
  • NJ Cash back on average of $9,000 to your checking
  • Reduce your Electric Bills to ZERO!
  • Increase the Sale Value of your home by 10%

Roofing Material Information