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Solar Roofing Panels that are fully warrantied and professionally installed by our crew. See our Solar Highlights here...

Solar panels Tax credit

30% Tax Credit

Federal Government allows you to take a 30% Tax Credit on your tax return. This usually results in a larger return.

Save on Energy Bills

Solar Panels reduce electric bills in many cases to zero. Please have your Electric bill ready when we meet

No Money Down

Our program will allow you to put no money down and make no payments on your solar loan for one year.

Increase the Resale Value of your home

It is a known fact that Solar Panels will provide a higher sale value in NJ. Check out this CNBC Article where they specifically outline how your home value will increae

NJ Rebates to your account

Once your online TREC Tracking System account has been established, TRECs will be deposited in your account.
Typically, the NJ Rebates over time amount to be around the amount of the Federal Government rebate.

Solar financing

Low Monthly Payments

Our financing options allow for low monthly payments and no payments for the first year. Loan or lease payments typically are the same amount that you are receiving in Electricity bill reduction your first year. As the years roll on, you have additional savings

Free Solar Analysis

Book your no obligation, Free Solar and Roof analysis with on of our consultants. We will come to your home for measurements, pictures of your roof and explain the benefits of solar to determine if it is right for you

Educational Videos

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How much will my electricity bill be reduced?

How much will my Home` Value Increase?

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Types of Equipment, Solar Panels and Battery as it relates to the environment

NJ Solar panels
Federal solar tax credit