Roof or Siding Installation

Relax and take a deep breath

Prepare your Parishioners, Volunteers and Employees

  1. Email all: the dates/days that the job is being done (Use our standard email)
  2. Outline parking, routing, any new schedule needed for kids programs, school, outreach, community affairs, or other programs
  3. Notify them that we are providing them a 10% Parishioner Discount on all New Roofs, Siding, Windows, Kitchens and Baths in order to compensate for any inconvenience

Prepare the Grounds for the Project

  1. Choose Dates that are the days with least amount of traffic at the Church
  2. Make sure all edges of the building are clear of debris, cars, removable structures or equipment
  3. Clear Cars away from all working areas (see your project manager)
  4. Designate the area for dumpster and material to be positioned
  5. Dumpster and Material delivery comes 1 day in advance or the day of the project.
  6. If Dumpster is being positioned on the street, make sure all applicable permits are applied for 1 week prior to the job date
  7. The day before, please block off the street area that the dumpster is being positioned and allow for 6 car lengths worth of room (if the dumpster is being inserted in the parking lot, disregard this step)
  8. Make sure financing has been secured and funded one week prior to the job date.
  9. if the ceiling is exposed inside the church, dust will fly around as we are banging on the roof
  10. Remove all loose items from the ceilings