Are you considering expanding your outdoor living space?

Upgrading your home?

Our expertise lies in these projects:

  • Sunrooms and conservatories
  • Pergola and Louvered roofs
  • Porch Enclosures and Additions
We can build a traditional style wood framed model completely finished inside or we can use a modular style from Shildr.

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Pergola, Cabana, 4 Seasons

A pergola roof is a structure that provides protection from the sun, wind, and rain while still allowing you to enjoy outdoor living. It is often made of wood or other building materials such as metal or vinyl.

Options include:

  • Retractable
  • Louvered
  • Screen
  • Glass systems


Sunrooms and Year Round rooms

Sunrooms, filled with sunlight and cozy patio furniture, are the ideal spot to unwind with a beverage and a good book. These transitional spaces connect your home with the outdoors while protecting you from the elements, allowing you to enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor living at the same time. If you’re thinking about adding a sunroom to your home, you should know all your options. There’s a lot to consider between the different types of seasonal rooms, materials choices, and budget concerns. Use this guide as a resource for everything you need to know before adding a sunroom.

Creating a Sunroom is easy when hiring the right contractor! 

Here at GenSun Outdoors, we will review all your specifications in detail in order to create the ideal year round living space.

Things you want to consider:

  • What are dimensions?  ie, 20x20x10?  12x16x8?. We can customize to your liking. 
  • What Budget are you working with?
  • Do you want to utilize the space year round?  If so, it will need to be insulated and heated.
  • Do you want a regular wood framed model that is enclosed using Sheet Rock, insulation, painted?
  • Do you want a more elaborate Aluminum framed model?
  • What type and size windows do you want installed? also, do you want them to open? slide? 
  • Type of door? sliding? 
  • Do you want skylights?
  • Do you want a retractable or louvered roof?
  • Do you want the inside finished with heat and electric?
  • Where do you want the sunroom positioned and will we need to provide footings?  Need a pored foundation? can we use an existing deck?  
There are many considerations that need to be discussed in order to properly estimate and design your ideal outdoor living space.