Our Donation Program has been helping Churches and Parishioners for over 30 years

We have donated 100’s of thousands of dollars to Parishioners and Churches.

The process is simple and very effective.  

A complete Win-Win-Win for all parties involved.

Take a look at our simple 3 step process and how it works

Step 1: You enroll and we will provide you with several methods as to how to notify you the Parishioners of the donation program (form is below or simply text us);

Step 2: All Parishioners will receive a 10% Donation for any of the home projects listed below. This donation is in the form of special discount off regular pricing;

Step 3: After project completion, GenSun will then make a donation to the church

Plus, all Parishioners will have access to 0% Financing up to 36 months! 

Eligible Services for Parishioners 10% donation

10% Discount on all these projects to Churches and 20% Discount after you become a client


  1. Siding and Gutters
  2. Outdoor Living spaces: Transform your flat roof or grounds into extra Learning, Leisure or other facility space
  3. Patios and enclosures
  4. Additions and Renovations

Utilize your Flat roof or the extra space around your church 

Pastor Jeff Wertz on “Why did I join GenSun”?

The decision to join the family at GenSun was very easy.  GenSun has a long history of being honest, transparent and educational.

They believe in educating all homeowners regardless of the project they desire.  Coach Jim has 100’s of education videos on every topic imaginable.  It truly gives me the confidence that property owners are properly taken care of in a professional and transparent manner.

GenSun continues to promote family values and traditional old fashion values that have seen to have disappeared in todays society.