Church Organizations and Homeowners

Personal History:

  • Pastor for 25 years
  • Married with 2 beautiful daughters, both getting ready to head off to college. He lives on the Jersey shore and is well known for his smile and engaging personality.
  • Growing up in NJ, Jeff attended Upsala college and was a member of the Football team  
  • Jeff eventually joined the United States Air force where he served in an Engineering unit. 
  • As a Veteran , Jeff always quips that “Service must be my thing” 
  • He has been in the building industry for 35 years, served 
  • A sales manager for a 2 large companies and eventually started his own Home repair business, called HandyVets
  • Speak Fluent Korean 

He has always been a team player, and understands that being part of the Gensun Family requires having that team mentality. 

“I have been on more roofs than Santa Clause” he jokes. 

“I served my country, now I serve my customers” is Jeff’s mantra, and he lives by that everyday.

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Why did I join GenSun?

The decision to join the family at GenSun was very easy.  GenSun has a long history of being honest, transparent and educational.

They believe in educating all homeowners regardless of the project they desire.  Coach Jim has 100’s of education videos on every topic imaginable.  It truly gives me the confidence that property owners are properly taken care of in a professional and transparent manner.

GenSun continues to promote family values and traditional old fashion values that have seen to have disappeared in todays society.

At the meeting, we can cover any question you may have about:

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