Are you looking to receive donations from your Parishioners in order to pay for the project?

Well, we can help!

We can help you incentivise your parishioners by offering them a way to obtain instant value for their donation.

How it works:

Step 1: You email or send a post card to all Parishioners (we have samples) that explains the value of the project and that you need a certain amount of money to complete the project.

GenSun will provide the incentives below to all parishioners

Step 2: Every Parishioner that donates will receive a 10% discount plus a discount equal to their donation on all eligible services listed below

For Example, if a Parishioner donates $500 towards your roof project, they will receive a discount from us on any approved project below (see below) in the amount of $500 (dollar to dollar) plus an additional 10% off. 

Eligible Services for Parishioners dollar to dollar discount plus 10% off