All Roofers are not Equal.

The roofing process can be vary from roofer to roofer.  Many contractors cut corners in order to save themselves money but put your home at risk!

We, however, perform the entire process in a professional manner that includes quality material installed by professional installers according to all industry and town codes.  We do not cut corners and still keep our pricing on the low side.

8 Step Installation Process of quality Owens Corning Roofing Components

  1. Property Protection: The first job of your contractor is protecting your property while replacing your roof. Protection plywood and tarps are used for your siding, plants, walls and bushes.
  2. Removing Your Old Roofing: All of your old shingles will be removed for a thorough inspection of your wood decking.
  3. Any rotted, soft or wet wood discovered during your inspection will be replaced. This is necessary to ensure the base for your roofing structure is solid. This makes certain your shingles will remain intact. Your wood sheeting will be inspected to ensure it is correctly attached to your roof.


  1. Preparing the Surface of Your Roof: Once your wood decking has been prepared, the drip edge is installed at all of your roof’s edges. This is a piece of metal with a ninety-degree bend to stop rain from seeping beneath your roofing material at the edges.
  2. Ice and water shield is an added leak barrier, that is a thicker self sealing underlayment with an asphalt granule top. It’s installed at the weakest, most damage prone parts of your roof to prevent damage from water and ice. We properly install this around all penetrations, flashings and along the “gutter” eves up passed the “warm walls”. It’s biggest purpose is to prevent major damage caused by one of our regions biggest roof destroyers, ice damming.
  3. Installation of Your New Roofing Materials: Once all of the required steps have been completed, the base of your roof will be ready for the contractor to start laying out your new materials. The roofer will begin at the bottom and work their way up. They follow specific steps while installing ridge capping, ridge vents and counter flashing when needed.
  1. Cleaning Up the Site: The job site should be cleaned every day. Professional roofers believe the site should be cleaner when they leave then it was when they arrived.
  2. The Final Inspection: A meticulous inspection should be performed once your roofing replacement is complete. It is important to make certain your roof was installed properly and that it meets with your approval.