Earn $25 per hour by Walking down streets and hang door hangers! No Sales involved!! Watch video below

Welcome to our Walk for Bucks” Program specifically designed for people who walk in their town for exercise.

How it Works:

1. If you are walking the streets of your town, you can make money

2. Simply hang a door hanger on every home, church or commercial building that needs a new roof (we will teach you what to look for!)

The amount you earn is dependent on the number of door hangers inserted that day.

We provide you the door hangers, you provide us the effort and 

Earn as much as $25 an hour! Get paid at the end of the week via PayPal

No SELLING involved!  Just hang it and leave!  


if you hang 100 Door Hangers, you earn $50….(on average that takes 2 hours of walking….see the video below the form) 

and think about how many homes you pass by on your daily walk! 

On any given street, there are about 40% of the roofs that are in need of being replaced! 

Walk by 250 homes and you would have inserted 100 door hangers on average and earn $50. (takes less than 2 hours…see the video below) 

Door Hanger Samples




Take your income to the next level with other optional things you can do

Facebook Posting

Simply post company provided information to Facebook Groups and your news feed:

  • Educational info
  • Completed homes pictures
  • Company Offers 

Centers of Influencers

Reach out to other groups about our Affiliate Program, such as:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance Agents

Contacting Contractors

Reach out to other contractors about our Dealer Program, such as:

  • Landscapers and lawn care
  • HVAC and plumbers
  • Electricians

Fill out the form above to see if your territory is available and arrange a meeting