Please follow the instructions below and email the analysis to:

All Roofs regardless of type:

  • Take pictures of all sides of the property from ground level
  • Take pictures of the grounds so we can see where to position dumpster, trucks, material if necessary

Flat Roofs:  Take Pictures and perform the following

  • Entire roof from several different angles
  • perimeter, flashing, gutters and drainage situation
  • All troubled areas, ponding, leaks, stains
  • Take a picture of the Core Test from near the wall, middle and near the drainage to determine the layers and if there is different levels of ISO
  • All protrusions such as pipes, HVAC, vents, etc
  • Plan out sizing of the Insulation we will need in order to push water flow into drains or guttering system
  • Provide material order and best way to do the roof 
Shingled Roofs:  Take pictures of the following:
  • All Troubled spots
  • Chimney, skylights and vents
Submission of the inspection email and pics:
  • All Pictures, analysis, material orders, client communications results must be emailed with in 24 hours of the inspection
  • Email with the “Property address” as the subject heading


  • You will receive anywhere from $75-$200 inspection advance fee depending on the size of the roof, if core test was done, and duration of travel to the property.
  • This advance will be paid to you from paypal
  • The advance will then be deducted from the total labor amount you are paid to do the job
  • If we do not end up doing the job, you still keep the advanced inspection fee.  
 Thank you
Coach Jim and Lynn Boniface