Welcome to our Affiliate page.

Here at GenSun, we believe in establishing a rock solid business relationship with other hardworking people who service homeowners.

We prefer to compensating the people who make it happen, who work hard, who put the hours in to establish their presence and satisfy homeowners…..we have no interest in paying Google and other huge conglomerates attempting to control our every move.  

85% of our  yearly sales comes from our referral network.

How it works

  • After being approved as one of our affiliate partners, we will set up your very own page on our site that will enable you to simply fill out a form for every homeowner you are referring.

The homeowner will start receiving emails, text messages and phone calls relating to the service they need (ie, roof, siding, solar, kitchen, etc). Simultaneously, you will be notified. 

When we get paid from the homeowner, you earn your referral fee of $250-$1000 dependent on the project and profit margin.

We have many Affiliate referral partners that regularly earn over $4,000/mo just by referring us to everyone and even promoting us on their FB personal page.

Its that simple! 

  • We can provide you with marketing material
  • You receive your own personal affiliate page
  • Commission paid direct to you via PayPal

Get started today and fill out our Affiliate form.

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