Ridge Vents are only $8 per Linear Foot.

I have enclosed some information below and you can read more on our site.

Benefits of Ridge Vents

Here are some advantages ridge vents offer:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Proper attic ventilation through ridge vents can help extend how long a roof lasts by keeping your attic cool and reducing strain on your HVAC system, lowering energy bills. In colder climates, a properly insulated ceiling and attic means less work for your furnace. 

Prevention of Moisture Damage

Moisture that becomes trapped within the roofing system or the attic will likely create mold and mildew that can become toxic over time and pose respiratory risks to your house’s residents. Allowing damp, stale air out and fresh air in through ridge vents prevents condensation from forming on interior roofing materials.

Extended Roof Lifespan

Ridge vents provide the best roof insulation by leading to more ventilation through your home’s upper tiers. This ventilation reduces strain on your roof by keeping the attic at nearly the same temperature as the outside air. In cooler months, this means a decreased risk of ice and snow buildup—a hazard that can damage roofing and force you to face the cost of installing a new roof.

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Please email or text me back or direct to Lynn@GenSunRoofingNJ to add Ridge Vents to your order for $8 per Linear Foot.

Example, if your ridges are 40LF x $8 = $320 added to your project and you will save thousands in electric bills plus extend the life of your roof.