How to compare estimates

As you are very aware, I am an advocate of how homeowners are so intelligent when it comes to deciding on when to do their projects.  Basically, they know its better to do it at todays prices rather than wait and pay more.

Unfortunately, however, homeowners struggle when it comes to comparing estimates…particularly with New Roof Installation estimates.

Let’s face reality, you chose to get several estimates and now each company is following up with you in an aggressive manner….this is normal and to be expected, after all, each company paid at least $400 in marketing to get the opportunity to work with you, of course they will follow up with you.

Although there are many things you need to be aware of and compare, I will outline the 5 main items below:

  1. Homeowners have a tendency to feel overwhelmed by the process because they brought this on by asking for so many estimates. Subsequently, it leads to dropping the ball and procrastinating.  This is the number one reason why they pay more for their roof.  Postponing the job always costs you more, period.  Why in the world would you want to wait….Economically it doesn’t make any sense.
  2. Always use a licensed Roofing Contractor because licensed contractors are held to hire standards and stringent regulations.  In other words, they have more experience and a lot more to lose if they do not do the proper job.
  3. You must compare the Roofing Components being used.  This is the biggest issue homeowners miss out on.  All roofing components are not equal!  We use Owens Corning Tru Definition roofing shingles and all of their roofing components, including Underlayment, Ice Water shield, Hip and Ridge shingles, Ridge vents and starter strip. Many of the lower quotes you have received will be either substandard roofing components or a good shingle brand but they roofing components below that shingle brand is not the same brand as the shingle….this voids the warranty!
  4. Beware of the common bait and switch!  That is, the low ball technique that promises that they provide excellent work and they will provide top of the line brand name roofing components.  The reality is, one of 2 things are going to happen.  First, they actually will use home depot ice and water shield or underlayment which will in turn reduce the life of your roof and expose it to damage. Furthermore, as mentioned in #2, it will void the warranty.  Second, they will come back to you about half way thru the project and say they need more material due to one reason or another….its the oldest trick in the book. WE USE THE #1 BRAND IN AMERICA
  5. Always and i mean always compare Warranty.  Compare both the Material (roofing brand) and Labor warranty.  This is a must!  A lot of Roofers will promise one thing and deliver another.  We provide a Double Lifetime Warranty on both labor and materials. The Owens Corning Warranty is Unlimited because we are a Preferred Partner and we use 4 of their roofing components on all roofs whereas other roofers do not.  As a matter of fact, many homeowners do not realize that after the job is completed, the Roofer must register the warranty.  Most roofers do not because they arent eligible to enroll the homeowner due to not using the correct amount of the brands roofing components.  

Other things to look for are:

The contractors ability to communicate helpful information before they start the job.  This is a good indication that they care.

Check that the contractor will clean up your property

Rising Costs of Roofing Installation

I hope you find this information helpful and please do not hesitate to ask for a Free Estimate and Roof Visual