We are a local contractor with 5 offices throughout NJ

  • We have done over 2,200 roofs in NJ in last 15 years
  • 85% of our business comes from Referrals (this keeps our pricing down)
  • Affordable Pricing plans
  • 0% Financing for 18 Months
  • No Money Down Programs
  • Complete lifetime Warranty
  • 10% off until next Friday

What does Pricing depend on?

  1. Your roof details 
  2. What the square footage is?
  3. What type of roofing components you want to include?
  4. Slope or the roof? and if it is cut up?
  5. How many layers we need to tear off?
  6. Condition of the underlayment (plywood)?
  7. Timing of your job
  8. The roofer that you use? Quality of labor and material being used on the roof.