GenSun specializes in:

  • Shingled roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Slate roofs 

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Whether you have a Motel, Hotel, Apartment, Condo, or Townhome complex, we can help.

GenSun Roofing has been installing roofs for over 3 decades in NJ, NY and PA.

We not only install new roofs, but we also are the general contractors that do all exterior and interior work for over 30 different complexes and chains.

We have 12 Roofing Crews, 6 Siding Crews, 2 Gutter Crews and 10 different interior crews.

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Equipter allows for Peak Efficiency

We use the Equipter to help with the following:

  • Increases productivity 
  • Allows us to keep tenants safe
  • Allows for Property Protection
  • Easily navigates thru the Parking Lot
  • Easily allows us to collect and dump material in to the Dump Trailer
  • Speeds up the Project completion time

Dump Trailer vs Dumpster

Dump Trailers are much more efficient on the job site than positioning a dumpster into one stationary spot:

  • Allows us to move the Dump trailer into multiple locations 
  • We can adjust around Tenants needs and cars
  • Speeds up the job completion time

Tenant Preparation is the key to success

Let’s face reality, you may have been putting of this job for years simply because you didn’t know how to handle approaching the tenants or how they were going to react to the fact that a big job has to be done on the facility.

Well, we have been working with Property complexes for over 30 years and have learned that the best way to approach your tenants is as follows:

  1. Hire a reputable and seasoned contractor like GenSun
  2. Give Proper notification to all Tenants a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the job…..or even do a survey to all tenants with a list of job dates (first find out from your contractor as to how many days the job will take)
  3. Offer them a list of Dates to choose from and the one that is most popular would then be the date.
  4. GenSun offers a complete outline and advice as to what the tenants should do the day before the job and what is going to happen during the project so that they can be better prepared
  5. In addition, GenSun offers one $10 Gift Card to one person in each Apartment/Condo etc

Each unit will receive a $10 Amazon EGift Card