GenSun has been in business for over 3 decades and we have never seen such a financial climate as we do today.

Which is your issue?:

A. You were approved for a loan but the interest rate or terms weren’t favorable

B. You were declined a loan (you may even have good credit or perhaps bad credit)

There are many other solutions.….the last one you really need to hear all the way thru


Current Financial Climate Comparison


Average Interest Rate on Project Loans and Personal Loans: 

Prior to 2023


During 2023


Average Approval Rates: 

over 90%


Average Interest Rate on Solar Loans: 


9.9% and as little as 3.99%

Average Approval Rates on Solar: 



1. Quick solutions

1.  Add a co-borrower

2. Apply for a smaller amount and then take out 2 loan offers or more

3. Piece the total amount together with other sources such as Credit card, cash, etc

and the last one is…….

2. Apply for Solar Loan or Lease

  1. Much Easier to get approved (if you are current on electric payment, you will get approved
  2. Interest rates as little as 3.99%….payments up to 25 years!
  3. Electric Bills go way down! You avoid the rising increase in rates
  4. The Solar loan/lease merely replaces what you were paying in electric
  5. No need to pay for a new roof or siding or another project out of pocket

3. Other benefits of Solar Panels

Install solar panels and get a roof with out any money out of pocket