No Credit Check Solar Leases

Do you have bad or poor credit? 

Declined from a traditional Solar Lease?

Well, we can help!  Here at GenSun Solar, we have a solution to help you achieve the benefits of solar with out having to apply for a traditional lease.

Introducing our NO Credit Check Solar Lease!

You need to be current on your Electric Bill to be eligible

Credit Score and Income Verification not Required

PosiGen leases eliminates the obstacles of minimum credit scores and income requirements to make solar accessible to all homeowners.

You need to be current on your Electric Bill to be eligible

No Upfront Costs

Start your family on the road to energy savings without the hassle of large upfront costs.

Guaranteed Savings

PosiGen is dedicated to helping our neighbors and our communities. We will not recommend you go solar unless we can guarantee you will saveĀ *on your monthly energy costs in the first year after your system is activated.

Save on Energy Bills

Solar Panels reduce electric bills in many cases to zero. Please have your Electric bill ready when we meet

No Money Down

Our program will allow you to put no money down and make no payments on your solar loan for one year.

Increase the Resale Value of your home

It is a known fact that Solar Panels will provide a higher sale value in NJ. Check out this CNBC Article where they specifically outline how your home value will increase

NJ Couple reduces their electric bill substantially