Roof, Siding, Window or Gutter Installation projects

  1. Should have watch “How to Prepare your Home for the project” video
  2. RELAX!!

  3. You will receive an email the night before or day of the job
  5. WEATHER PERMITTING!   If the job cant be performed it will be rescheduled.

Here is an overview of what will happens on Game Day:

  1. The crew will arrive and tarp the home and set up the property for maximum productivity

  2. They will then start the removal of old roofing material.  Please keep in mind we prefer that everyone stay inside the home.

  3. Please confirm if you want any Satellite dishes, skylights or anything else removed, as well

  4. Keep in mind, that we will be tearing off old material that breaks very easily and the average roof will have about 7000 nails to be ripped off.  they can easily fly all over the place

  5. You will need to be have access to your email so that we can communicate to you if there is any rotted wood that needs to be replaced

  6. If there is rotted wood, we will take pictures for you and replace with new plywood that is according to NJ code and at the additional charge outlined in your estimate analysis

  7. After we are satisfied that the decking is properly secure to protect your home, we will then install all roofing components as outlined in your estimate

  8. OC Total Protection.jpg

  9. After completion of the installation, we will clean up the property.  Keep in mind, it was a long day for our crew in most likely not so nice weather, it’s possible they may miss a nail or 2 or maybe a broken shingle….we apologize in advance.

  10. Tomorrow the dumpster company will arrive to pick up the dumpster, we will invoice you for the dumpster if this applies to your estimate


Please provide an answer to number 3 above if it applies to you, as well.



Balance is due at the end of the job, no excuses!!!

We paid for all your material up front, the dumpster and our crew.

If your job also included Gutters, you still pay for the roof the same day.  then pay for the gutters after they are completed. 

Our average job nets 10% for our company….we dont chase money!!

  1. Check to our Crew chief:  GenSun Roofing
  2. If paying via Credit Card: You will receive an invoice day of the job.  You can pay via our platform and add 3% for credit card fee
  3. If paying via ACH transfer: You will receive an invoice the day of the job. You can pay via the platform.