Supply houses are increasing material costs on 4/1/2024

We are following up on the email we sent on 2/5/24 about Material Supply houses in NJ are increasing there pricing on 4/1/24.

Every contractor will be affected by the upcoming 6%-10% material price increase that becomes effective on 4/1/24 and we are going to help you with an offer to avoid the price increase and reduce the current estimate under the old pricing, but you need to act fast (see at the bottom of the email)

The price increase effects:

  • Roofing components
  • Vinyl and Fiber Siding
  • Windows and Doors

We have listed 3 links below as proof of the material increase notices that all elite contractors have received:

ABC Supply

Beacon Supply

SRS Distribution and Supply

After this next increase, material costs have now risen over 35% since 2020….this is insane but out of our control.  

Therefore, we want to help you to not only avoid the price increase and reward you for making a smart financial decision on scheduling your project before 4/1.

Please email me so I can rework your estimate at a discount immediately! 

12-36 months yellow

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